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Welcome to New Steps Childcare Centre, Preschool  like and Group Childcare( age 2 to 12 years old)

School Hours: 7.30 am to 7:30 pm MONDAY to FRIDAY

  classes’ time

Morning Class           8:30 am – 10.45 am

 Afternoon Class       10.45 pm – 1:00 pm

Evening Class           1:00 pm -    3:15 pm

Evening Class           3.15 pm -    5.30 pm

We look forward to getting to know all the children, their families, and caregivers.We hope you will take the time to read through this handbook to familiarize yourself with our policies that will help make your child’s time with us an enjoyable one. We teach PATH (gurbani) and do Punjabi circle as well to teach moral values to children. At that time, we will do separate activities for other children related to another religions. We respect all religions. 

Each month you will receive a newsletter to keep you up to date on our monthly program plans, special dates and any new information that needs to be shared with the parents.

 Our Mission

We believe the early years of life build a framework for lifelong learning. We believe that early childhood should be a time of fun, exploration, discovery and growth, where children will learn best through active exploration, experimentation and problem solving in a safe and stimulating setting. New Steps Childcare  is committed to providing quality care and education in a warm, secure, loving environment.


Group child care (2 to 12):

Ages:  2 – 12 years of age.  Capacity of the preschool like program is 8 children with a staff to child ratio of 1:8.


New Steps Preschool like and Day care Program is committed to providing quality care and education in a warm, secure, loving environment. It is our philosophy that early childhood should be a time of fun, exploration, discovery and growth. The objective of the program is to offer enriching, creative activities that will allow children to grow at their own developmental level. The curriculum provides educational and social experiences that encourage children to develop their own individual interests, self-confidence, independence and responsibility. In addition, the children form friendships with children older and younger than themselves and establish ties with staff members. The non-competitive atmosphere helps children try new activities that foster individual growth.

Our staff strives to encourage the children we care for to be actively involved in the learning process by providing age appropriate activities. These activities will stimulate and challenge your child according to his/her individual needs.The Centre’s purpose is to provide an atmosphere that encourages social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth and development of the child as a whole. In order to achieve this, the children are given the opportunity to learn through play throughout the day. Play and socialization is a vital part of a child’s learning process.  


Our program is based on both Learn through Play for the children. In this program the children with have the opportunity to participate in our numerous of Stations set up throughout the classroom (Creativity Station, Quiet/Homework Station, Discovery/Science Station, Music Movement, Dramatic Play, etc).  Each Station is set up according to our weekly Themes.Our goal is that each child enjoys coming to our program and looks forward to the activities that are planned for the day. We have responsible staff that will ensure that children are having fun and well cared for.Each day there will be arts and crafts, indoor activities, home work time, and a sports / recreation program. These are just a few of the activities each day. Keep in mind an extra change of clothing will be needed for the Sports program and running shoes are a necessity.


New Steps has education, training, and experience in the field of child care. They meet all the requirements outlined in the Child Care Facilities Licensing Regulation, including a current First Aid Certificate and a criminal records check.


Parents are asked to provide all snacks and lunch, etc. Children must be supervised all the time while they are eating. If your child has specific dietary restrictions, allergies, or food preferences or restrictions related to your cultural background, please discuss this with the child care staff so that an appropriate snack can be arranged.  If children choose not to have snack at the allotted time but become hungry at a later time, they will be offered a snack at the table.


Circle Time - sharing of feelings, musical activities, storytelling and talking, special activity, theme focus

Exploring of Stations – (Creative Play, Art Activities, Discovery Station, Theme based learning activities, Low organized games, puzzles, books)

Nutritious AM/PM snacks

Outdoor Exploration / Games

 Free play and planned activities - everyday living, quiet corner, unit block, table top toys, gross motor and special activities

Music / Movement, Singing/ Dancing, Story-Time


New Steps Child Care Centre believes in fair, competitive fees for all families attending the program. We also believe in fair wages for our hard working, amazing staff, our quality program, and supplies we provide each day.Your fees ensure quality throughout the Centre and keep our standard of fun and care as our top priority.


Preschool Like Classes

Number of days required


3 Year Old Class       (2 days)


 4 Year Old Class      (3 days)


Full-Day Class           (5 days)


All Day (5 days)    8:30-6:00                                        


Before and After school care

Number of days required


       (2 days)


      (3 days)


       (4 days)


    (5 days)                                          



Your fees each month pay for operational costs, including staff salaries, snack supplies,art & craft materials, equipment in the classroom, daily supplies, field-trips, transportation,insurance, school lease and much more overhead costs. All of these variables must be-available for your child to maintain a quality program. You are reserving the time, space and provisions for your child whether he/she attends.

There will be no refund on monthly fees or any portion thereof, regardless of sickness, statutory holidays or family vacations. There will also be no withdrawals after March 31st. We have a teacher/child ratio that must be maintained and it is impossible to fill your child’s spot after this date.


Some families may qualify for provincial child care subsidies. Information about the Child Care Subsidy program can be found at:

Families are responsible for ensuring that their subsidy authorization is kept up-to date.Fees are considered owing from the family until a subsidy authorization has been received by the child care program. The amount of a current, valid subsidy authorization will be considered a payment towards fees.

Termination of Services may be required if fees for services are not paid and suitable arrangements cannot be agreed upon.


Fees are due and payable on the first of each month. We ask parents to provide postdated cheques for the length of each trimester (3 or 4 month period). Payment is charged on a per-term basis. The three terms are as follows: from September to December (4 months); from January to March (3 months); and from April to June (3 months). Parents are expected to provide post-dated cheques before the beginning of each of the terms.


We require one month written notice for withdrawal of your child from our Preschool and before and after School Care / Kinder care Program. After receiving notice, all remaining post dated cheques will be returned to you.  This would be greatly appreciated for without this notice we cannot fill the empty space. There will also be no withdrawals after March 31st.  It is extremely difficult to fill that spot so late in the year.  New Steps Childcare Centre also reserves the right to automatically withdraw services due circumstances which cannot be resolved between parties (ex. late pick up, inappropriate behavior etc.)


There will be a 10% discount for the second child enrolled which will be subtracted from the monthly amount. If you have three children enrolled, there will be a 10% discount for the second and a 5% discount for the third child enrolled. Sibling discounts only applies to full time clients (20 billing days a month). 


If you are late to pick up your child, there will be a late fee that will be charged to you.The fee is $1.00/minute per child. So please pick up and drop up your child on time. Late charges will apply.


When you register your child at New Steps, you will receive a detailed registration form outlining important information about your child. Please fill out all areas. Immunization dates are especially important, you will be asked to provide us with all necessary documents. It is also important to have all areas filled in to the best to your knowledge, so the staff at New Steps can make your child’s experience here fun and enjoyable. There will be $25 registration fee (non-refundable).


New Steps child care Program will not remain open during Christmas or Spring Break holidays. The school would like us to follow their schedule. Also, enrollment is very low during these times and not worth the costs of staying open. The only exception is professional days.  Keep in mind that regular fees remain in effect during these two months. We base our fees on a 20 day billing month and because most months are longer (most are 22 attending days), these extra days cover the public school holidays.


PARENTS: You must sign your child in and out each day that he/she is present. The sign in/out sheet is located right outside our entrance door under our parent information board. If someone other than you will be picking up your child, he/she is expected to sign the sheet too. We have a record of anyone authorized by you to pick up your child. If the person picking up your child is not on our records then you need to give us written notice or phone the centre and verbally give your permission for that person to pick up your child. Thank you. Please let us know directly of any changes regarding ‘pick ups” (parent picking up child early at school, child walking to a friend’s home, early dismissal because of illness, etc.) Your communication with us is extremely important. Thank you.

ALL PARENTS MUST CALL THE CENTRE BEFORE TO TELL US IF YOUR CHILD WILL NOT BE ATTENDING THAT AFTERNOON. It is unfair to the staff to have to look for your child if they do not show up after school because they are away.


Children will be released only to parents or to people stated in writing on their registration form. Children will not be released to people who are not on the registration list unless staff, have written or verbal permission directly from a parent.Please inform people listed on the registration form as “alternate persons to call in case of an emergency”, that they may be called if needed. These people would be called if a staff member could not reach either parent. An “emergency situation” could involve injury to the child, sickness/vomiting, parent is late and cannot be contacted past 20 minutes or an uncontrollable child who is putting staff or other children’s safety at risk.


If applicable, the before and after school program will request a copy of the current custody agreement and related court order. Staff will follow the written instructions of custody agreements and court orders at all times. Should a parent/guardian come to pick up child on a day or time other than specified, the program will not release the child.


If your child requires prescription medication, a medical administering form must be filled out prior to the staff giving your child the medicine. It may also be necessary to have a care plan in place depending on the condition or circumstances regarding the medication. We will not administer non-prescription drugs unless it is accompanied by a doctor’s note stating why this medication is necessary for your child.


Every child that attends New Steps child care Program should be immunized. We ask that you provide us with a copy of your child’s immunization record complete with dates on file. If your child has not been immunized, he or she could become seriously ill if exposed to some contagious or communicable disease. It is for the safety of your child as well as the other children and teachers in the center that we request that your child be immunized.


If your child is ill, please do not send him/her to school, including before and After School Care. If your child is away for more then two days, please call and inform us. In addition, we must know within 24 hours if your child has been in contact with a communicable disease.

Children are required to stay at home and parents need to seek alternate care arrangements under the following conditions:

• An acute cold with a fever, runny nose and eyes, coughing, sore throat and trouble swallowing.

• A fever (100F/38.8C)

• Vomiting, nausea

• Infected skin, eyes or undiagnosed rash

• Headache and stiff neck (should see physician)

• Unexplained diarrhea or loose stool combined with nausea, vomiting or abdominal cramps need to be excluded from the Centre.

• Severe itching of body and scalp (if diagnosed as lice the child needs alternation care for 72 hours).

• Any communicable disease which we need to report to licensing.

If your child becomes sick while at the center we will keep your child comfortable and you will be contacted immediately and you must make arrangements to have your child picked up from the center as soon as possible.


Our definition of discipline is to help children to take responsibility for their actions while maintaining their self esteem.  This allows them to learn self-control, self discipline and sensitivity in their interactions with others.  The methods we use are consistent, simple and respectful to the child.  Reasonable limits, positive reinforcements and validations of feelings are used to guide the children through this process. 

We believe it is the child’s right to try and come to a conclusion everyone is satisfied with and will guide them through this process by providing them with the tools to do this. We will only step in when it is necessary to protect the health, safety and right of others, the child or the environment.  Children will be reminded in positive, clear and simple terms about what is acceptable behavior and appropriate behavior is reinforced.

When dealing with misbehavior, our first action is to redirect the child to a different activity, this is usually the only step we need to take.  However, if the behavior continues, and the behavior continues to escalate this may require that the child has “time away” from the situation.  This will always be explained to the child as a time to calm down, relax and we will assist them to think about other solutions to the problem at hand.  This will be done in the least intrusive manner as to not alert the other children to the situation.  This time will not be spent alone and will always be spent with the company of a caregiver.The staffs at New Steps child care centre will never hit, spank, shake, belittle, physically restrain or deprive your child of their basic necessities, even at the request of the parents.


Caregivers are required by law to report suspected or disclosed abuse to the Ministry for Children and Families.  This policy is designed to protect the child and remember our main priority is for the safety and well being of the child.  If child abuse is suspected our staff at New Steps Will follow the guidelines set in place and report it to the Health Unit. 


New steps childcare will arrange a ECE person or a responsible adult with criminal record check and first aid, to pick up and drop of children to school to day care and day care to school. in case of emergency parents will informed before that case parents will be responsible to drop their children to school.




New steps childcare centre will call licensee officer in 24 hours if any child falls down or minor incident happen.In keeping the children aware that an emergency situation can happen at any time, we conduct fire and earthquake drills once a month. We have emergency containers available that are stocked with the very basic necessities.In the event of a power failure, the staff will determine if it is school based or covers a large area. We will have meeting place in NEWTON PARK. If phone lines are not working due to power failure, parents will get phone call from out of province area that children are safe and sound. Out of province area number is 1-780-461-8950 Edmonton Alberta.Children will be kept indoors in the event of a power failure. Children will be kept calm and fears will be comforted. If there is no proper heating or lighting because of weather conditions, the staff will call the parents to pick up their child and the Centre will have to close.




At New Steps Child care centre we look forward to engaging in fun and exciting fieldtrips with your child. We will plan our fieldtrips around the school professional days each year. All information about each fieldtrip will be posted in our monthly newsletter. There will also be a sign-up sheet for the parents to give their permission to attend each trip. If you do not give your permission, your child will not be able to attend.We will be utilizing public transportation for our fieldtrips. All costs for the fieldtrips will be covered by your professional day charges ($40.00 per day). Keep in mind that you will need to provide a disposable lunch for your child on each fieldtrip. Please know that your child will be under direct supervision of a teacher at all times. We will always be carrying each child’s emergency card, a cellular telephone and first aid kit with us. There will be a designated meeting place explained to everyone at every destination. Roll call will be taken at each unloading and reloading of all children at each destination. We will not leave any premises without all  the children accounted.

Thank you for reading through our Parent Handbook.



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